Space for the country of origin of civilian forced laborers was provided here. The words altrussisches Gebiet (former Russian territory) on this labor card referred to the countries of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia; the words aus altsowjetischem Gebiet (from the former Soviet territory) were also used. In the case of Polish civilian laborers, however, a very precise distinction was made. If they came from the General Government (Generalgouvernement), Staatenlos (Pole) (stateless (Pole)) was entered in this field, Ungeklärt (Pole) (unsettled (Pole)) was the entry made here if they came from the district of Galicia or the Bialystok district, and if they came from the incorporated Eastern territories (eingegliederte Ostgebiete), Schutzangehörige (Pole) (protected (Pole) was entered here.