The current labor detail or sub-camp in which the prisoner had to work is noted in this area on the labor assignment card. An overview of the labor details in Buchenwald and their numbers from 1943 can be found here. The prisoner’s previous labor detail or sub-camp was sometimes erased when the information was updated. For labor details in particular, however, the new detail was generally written after the old one.
The numbers on the cards for male prisoners represent the labor detail and the starting date. This card indicates that Hans Aaraas was assigned to Detail 45 on January 3. The year was not noted. On the cards for female prisoners, prisoner clerks wrote the sub-camp in this space, without a transfer date. Abbreviations were used for this, such as H-M for the HASAG camp in Meuselwitz, or Alt for Altenburg. The abbreviations for female prisoners can often be deciphered by looking at their number cards, where the name of the sub-camp is almost always written out in full.