These documents had spaces for a personal description of the prisoner, such as the shape of their face or the state of their teeth. Derogatory language can be found in these fields. In accordance with Nazi stereotypes, negative characteristics were attributed to people depending on their nationality or prisoner category. It is also notable that many of the cards from the last years of the war have no information in these fields. This probably had to do with the mass transports of the time, which meant that many people had to be registered all at once.
Capital letters were written in the personal description field on some Prisoner Registration Cards from Buchenwald. Ü (Überstellung) stands for a transfer to a different concentration or sub-camp, while E (Entlassung) stands for release – although this could also mean the prisoner was transferred to a prison. The Prisoner Registration Cards for female prisoners who were held in sub-camps of Buchenwald may have a large F for Frau (“woman”) in this field. Parts of the card file in the Political Department of Buchenwald were destroyed in a bomb attack and had to be replaced. The new cards that were created for female prisoners were marked with an additional F by the prisoner clerks.