The reason for imprisonment was also assigned a number on the punch cards, which was entered in this small box. The following numerical codes were used for this: 01 for political prisoners/“protective custody” prisoners, 02 for “Bible Students” (Jehovah’s Witnesses), and 03 for homosexuals. 04 indicated prisoners who had been “dishonorably discharged” from the Wehrmacht, 05 stood for clergy, and 06 for Communists who had fought against Franco (known as interbrigadists). Jews were noted with an 08, so-called “anti-social” prisoners with a 09, and so-called “career criminals” with a 10. Prisoners in “preventive detention” and “dangerous criminals” were identified by the number 11, and “Gypsies” by the number 12. Number 14 represented “night and fog prisoners,” or Western European resistance fighters who had been arrested following a decree of 1941 without their families being informed. “Work shirkers” were noted with a 15, and foreign diplomats (“consuls”) with a 16. If foreign civilian workers/forced laborers (07) or prisoners of war (13) had been sent to a concentration camp for an offense, they would also be assigned a number. A 00 would be written in this space if the prisoner category was not indicated.