In the lower left section of the registry office cards from Dachau, transfers to other camps were noted. In this case, the prisoner was transferred to Natzweiler concentration camp on August 1, 1944. If a prisoner returned to Dachau, this was also noted in this space. Some cards list the prisoner’s entire path of persecution, with multiple transfers to different camps (often marked with a ü for Überstellung, “transfer”), to prisons (entl. u. üb., “released and transferred”) or transfers back to Dachau (identifiable by the z or zck for zurück, “back”). A date listed without the name of a camp can also mean that the prisoner returned to Dachau. The stamp RÜ am was additionally used for this; in this case, stood for Rücküberstellung (“return transfer”). If a prisoner died in the camp, this was noted on this part of the card with a stamped or handwritten cross.