There was an empty space on the lower left part the registry office cards where prisoner clerks could record various types of information. For example, a so-called Fluchtpunkt might be drawn here; this was a dot in a circle which meant that the prisoner had tried to escape. The dates of the prisoner’s escape and capture and the punishment issued in the camp were often noted here as well.
After the war, the cards continued to be used by the International Information Office. For example, the abbreviations Fl. (Flucht, “escape”) or Abg. d. Fl. (Abgang durch Flucht, departure by escape”) were written on around 300 cards to indicate that the prisoner had escaped from the quarantine placed over the entire camp by the US Army after the liberation. Prisoners with this note on their registry office cards had therefore survived their imprisonment and only left the camp after the liberation. Since this was officially prohibited, it was referred to as an escape.