A handwritten note here indicates the location of the prisoner’s external labor detail. If this space is empty, it means the prisoner was housed in the Dachau main camp. This information, like the block number, had to be written in pencil so that it could be changed easily if necessary. For Soviet prisoners of war, the prisoner clerks would write Kgf. (Kriegsgefangener, “prisoner of war”) in red ink instead of the labor detail.
On the cards for 1,754 Jewish prisoners, Ötztal is written in this field. This group had been sent on a death march to Ötztal at the end of April 1945. This was an exception, however, because the destinations of death marches were not otherwise noted on the registry office cards.
This field may also contain abbreviations indicating that the prisoner was not to be transferred to another concentration camp. NA stands for Nicht auf Außenkommando (not on external labor detail) or Nicht aus dem Lager (not out of the camp) and NA NTR for Nicht aus dem Lager, nicht auf Transport (not out of the camp, not on transport).