The information about where a person had emigrated to can be found in various places on the cards. On this card, the emigration reference has been added by hand. On many other cards, however, a stamp was used. The information is almost always structured in the same way: First the IRO employees entered the date of departure. It is important to note that this was not necessarily the date on which the DP left Germany by ship or plane. It is usually the date on which they left the camp to continue their journey. After the date, the destination country is mentioned. The “via” is followed by the embarkation center, which was a special DP camp in which DPs completed their final emigration formalities, and the previous camp they had come from. One of the most frequently mentioned embarkation centers was the one in Bremen-Grohn. The last piece of information refers to the nominal roll. This can additionally be found on the passenger lists that have also been preserved in the Arolsen Archives and can be viewed in the online archive.