DPs received clothing and other necessary items in the camps. The goods they received were noted on the back on the DP 3 card. If a DP was given two pairs of trousers, a 2 was written in field 3; if it was a coat, a 1 would be noted in field 16. Each number in a little box therefore refers to an item of clothing: 1 for shoes or boots, 2 for shirts, 3 for trousers, 4 for skirts, 5 for jackets, 6 for sweaters. In addition to clothing, DPs could be provided with other everyday necessities, such as handkerchiefs (17), baby clothes and supplies (18) or cutlery (26). The items were first noted on the back of the DP 3 card and then transferred to the DP 2 card. An overview of which numbers stand for which items can be found here.