DP status was generally granted above all to civilians. However, liberated prisoners of war (POWs) could also receive a DP 2 card. Memorandum No. 39 in the revised version of April 1945 stipulated that former POWs would be considered DPs if they were found outside of a POW camp. This applied to POWs who had been used as forced laborers by the Germans and those who had been imprisoned in concentration camps.
There were very practical reasons for accepting POWs in DP camps: it meant that the soldiers would not be taken first to a former POW camp, but could instead be transferred directly to a transient camp, where arrangements would be made to return them to their countries of origin. Responsibility for former POWs quickly passed from UNRRA to the Prisoner of War Exchange Branch (PWX Branch). This meant that POWs were DPs only for a short while, but during this time they had to be supported just like the DPs.