If the card was filled out for an unaccompanied child – a child under the age of 16 who had been found without parents and/or who had been taken from their parents by the Nazis in an occupied country – this field was to be used for recording all available information about the child: the names of family members, places of residence during the war, etc. Ideally, the source of this information would also be mentioned on the card. Additionally, “unaccompanied” or “unaccompanied–unidentified” was supposed to be written in the upper left corner of the DP 2 card. The latter applied if the authorities did not know the child’s name or where he or she came from. A supplementary record (DP 2-A form) was also supposed to be filled out for the child; this record is often found in the files of the Child Tracing Service in the Arolsen Archives.