Every DP who arrived in a camp was supposed to undergo a medical examination. Depending on the DP’s state of health, he or she would be assigned to one of four groups: L for “labor” if the DP was physically able to work; M for “movement” if he or she could be transported by train, truck or other vehicle; C.D. for “communicable disease” if the DP was contagious or suspected of having been in contact with a contagious person (if a person was potentially contagious, further details were noted under “Remarks”); and D for “disease” or “disability”, the category for all DPs who were not physically able to work on account of illness or impairment. In this case, too, an explanation was to be provided under “Remarks.” The registrar was also supposed to note whether the person could be transported nonetheless. However, for most people these fields were not filled out.