So-called departure lists, such as this one from Mauthausen, were sent from the Hollerith departments of the concentration camps to the Central Institute in Berlin. This was supposed to ensure that the card file in Berlin for organizing labor assignments was always up to date. However, information changed so quickly on account of prisoner transfers and deaths that the card file could not keep up. The death of Pawel Bytschkow (prisoner number 10096), for example, was reported on the first line of this list from January 1945, but the corresponding card in Berlin was not updated. Bytschkow, a Russian civilian laborer, had been deported in May 1942 (incorrectly noted on the card as 1932) to Dachau, and later to Mauthausen. In March 1944 he was transferred to Gusen, where he died at the age of 19 on January 4, 1945.