Form No. 3 was used by field officers in the regional tracing offices of the AJDC – including the employees of the Location Service Belsen – to note information about a missing person. They also noted who had initiated the search for this person. In this case, Leo Roberts, who lived in Philadelphia, had contacted the Central Location Index (CLI) in New York to trace Georges Robert. The Central Location Index had been established by various US aid organizations to consolidate tracing inquiries from the USA. Before it was dissolved in 1949, the CLI worked closely with organizations such as the AJDC and ITS. The goal was to find former victims of persecution who were being sought by relatives in the USA, and to help those who were themselves searching for family members in the USA.
The AJDC Belsen was able to find out more about the fate of the missing Robert. The news that he had returned to France in June 1945 was sent to the AJDC main office, the Location Service Headquarters in Paris. This is where the search efforts were consolidated. For each inquiry, a form such as this was filled out in the field offices. In November 1947 alone, more than 1,000 cards were sent to Paris and placed in the card file there. Then if the AJDC received another inquiry about the person, their information would already be on hand.