The Arolsen Archives have another card file associated with DPs in Italy. Unfortunately, all that is known about it is that the ITS received most of the cards in October 1985 as microfilm from the Italian Ministry of the Interior in Rome. However, there is another card that probably came from this card file which arrived at the ITS in the early 1950s.
The cards that came to the ITS later differ from the IRO cards mainly in that no sources are mentioned for the information about where the DPs lived. Furthermore, the information often relates to later years, sometimes even into the 1980s. ITS employees placed these cards in different locations. Some are found in the Central Name Index (CNI, Collection 0.1), while there are over 5,500 cards from this Italian file in Collection If you have any additional information about this card file or know how it relates to the IRO index cards, for example, please send your feedback to