The Swiss files in the Arolsen Archives (Collection are structured differently than the CM/1 folders from Germany, for example. Although there was also a special CM/1 application in Switzerland, the majority of documents in this collection are not forms but rather letters and correspondence with other institutions or DPs. The files show how different the work of the Swiss delegation of the IRO was. There were only 1,300 DPs in Switzerland in 1949, and the IRO was not responsible for the daily care of these people as it was in West Germany, Austria or Italy. For this reason, the collection consists not so much of typical CM/1 folders, but rather various types of correspondence about individuals from the Swiss delegation. This includes files on DPs from Germany and Austria – and even Italy, in some cases – who, as doctors, technicians and professors, were able to emigrate via a special scheme for the “resettlement of specialists” to places such as Pakistan, for example.

One common document is the Recommendation for Employment, which was filled out for DPs as proof of their professional skills. Not all of these certificates are from DPs who were living in Switzerland, however. This means that the certificates were probably associated with the Resettlement Placement Service of the IRO in Geneva, which helped people move overseas.