Over 380 mostly Polish DPs – including many Jews – left the Resettlement Center Amberg in the Oberpfalz region on February 14, 1949. The DPs had arrived at the resettlement center from various DP camps, including Regensburg, Landshut and Weiden. They had to take professional exams there, and they were checked by doctors and reviewed by the security service. The DPs named on this 11-page list had passed their exams and been assigned to a resettlement scheme by a selection committee. They were therefore taken to Bremen-Grohn in order to emigrate from there to the USA. Individual resettlements took place as well, but group resettlements like this one were most common. However, just because someone is named on one of these lists does not mean that he or she was actually able to emigrate. People were always crossed off the lists, especially for health reasons. Employees of the resettlement center would send these “nominal rolls,” as they were known, directly to the ITS. This is why they can now be viewed in the Arolsen Archives.