The employees of the Child Search Branch kept a special card index with cards for all of the children who had tracing files or who were mentioned in documents. There are various marks on these cards which provide additional information. The initials in the upper right corner of Zofia Jaworska’s card refer to a list. This list, with the shelf mark 9/G/171, was created by the Polish Red Cross in 1948. Zofia Jaworska is mentioned on it together with other missing Polish children. The letter G always stands for lists of missing children, and the letter P for lists with the names of deceased children. A red checkmark in the upper left corner of the card usually means that there is an associated child tracing file in Collection at the Arolsen Archives. The five-digit number – in this case 39175 – additionally verifies that a punch card was created for the child. This card was needed for the Hollerith process that was used from 1949/1950 to register children in the three Western occupation zones in the context of what was known as the Limited Registration Plan.