In the “Information” field – which is labeled “Identifying Information” on some cards – the first thing noted is always the registration number of the file of the Asset Utilization Office. Along with the Gestapo transport lists, these files were the most important sources of information for the deportation index. Large parts of the files have been preserved to this day and can be viewed in the Brandenburg Main State Archive in Potsdam. The number (usually a Roman numeral) before the slash always refers to the “wave” to which the transport from Berlin was assigned. This is followed by the specific transport on which the person was deported from Berlin. The destination is often mentioned as well, such as Lodz/Litzmannstadt, Auschwitz, Theresienstadt or Riga. If the destination is not noted, the deportation database of Yad Vashem might be able to provide more information.
In the lower section of some cards, family members who can also be found in the index are mentioned. In rare cases, suicides or deaths prior to deportation might be noted here as well.